A Climate Clock for San Jose, CA

History Garden


The History Garden can be thought of as a story. The Organograph is the storyteller.


The History Garden leads

  • from the past (near the beginning of the fossil fuel era, around 1910),
  • through the present moment, represented by the sculpture itself and its real-time model of the Carbon Cycle
  • to the future, 100 years hence.

The Organograph, as it moves through the landscape, creates the History Garden in its wake — a living story of the evolving process of Climate Change as it is actually occurring.

The History Garden has three main elements:

The CO2 Path

The CO2 path is a walking trail leading through time. The width of the path represents the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. As the Organograph moves forward in time, it paves the path with samples of marbles drawn monthly from the Carbon Cycle Model. The mixture of colors in the path directlyrepresents the amount of naturally occurring CO2 in the atmosphere, vs the amount of man-made CO2.

The Temperature GardenTemperature Garden is a garden of flowering succulents, chosen such that the foliage color represents the evolution of global average temperature variations through time.


The Marker PlantsThese are planted by student groups, and bear witness to these students stories and research on climate change.

    Seeds To Plants Program