A Climate Clock for San Jose, CA


A Clock – The sculpture resembles a heliotropic flower (e.g. lotus flower), with large solar petals that open every morning and close every evening. The sculpture is entirely powered by the sun. In addition, the entire sculpture rotates once per day. Visitors can walk up inside the clock, and observe the mechanisms of timekeeping in action.

Beneath each level is a series of interwoven gears which operate the entire mechanism of the structure. These gears drive the daily rotation of the piece, they drive the opening and closing mechanism of the solar petals, they drive the mechanism through which plants are planted in the garden every day, and they drive the slow continuous movement of the structure along the garden path.

In addition, the gears tell the time in 2 forms. The gears show the actual current time, and also the “simulation time” at which the 1000x sped up carbon cycle simulation runs.

Scale Model of the Carbon Cycle