A Climate Clock for San Jose, CA


The Organograph Team is:
Geo Homsy
Chico MacMurtrie
Bill Washabaugh

In addition, we have a group of amazing collaborators, interns, and partners working with us:

Han Hong  – SJSU Intern –  Industrial Design, Sculptural
Harold Villanueva – SJSU Intern – Mechanical Systems
Loan Luu – SJSU Graduate Intern – Anthropology
Phillip Quiros – SJSU Intern – Sculptural
Rupy Kaloti – SJSU Intern – Industrial Design, Sculptural
Schani Siong – Cal Poly SLO Graduate Intern – Planning, Budget
Wesley Harris – Cal Poly SLO Graduate Intern – City Planning, Social Networking
Yumika Tanaka – SJSU Graduate Intern – Sculptural, Organizational

Aki Kimoto – Gardening, Creative
Brian Kane – General Design LLC Web Consulting
Bryn Homsy – Garden Consulting
Bryson Ahlstrom – Rendering
Catherine Washabaugh – Curriculum development
Dana Brown & students – Don Callejon 6th Grade Science, Santa Clara Unified In-class education experience
Del McComb – Montalvo Gardener – Gardening
Gideon Shapiro – UPenn – Original Proposal team member
Katie Treidl – Hypersonic Engineering & Design – Sculptural, renderings
Kirsten Bontrager – Montalvo Education – Education Coordination
Lilia Aguero – Young Audiences of Northern California – Education Consulting
Lisa Ellsworth – Children’s Discovery Museum – Education, Curriculum
Luise Kaunert – Gardening, Curriculum, Management
Nowak Landschaftschaftsarchitekten – Images, Rendering
Reinhart Architekten – Images, Rendering
Sandy Derby – Children’s Discovery Museum – Education, Curriculum
William Washabaugh – University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee – Curriculum development

Academic advisors
Chuck Darrah – San Jose State University – Anthropology, sociology
Eugene Cordero – San Jose State University – Climate Science
Joe Jordan – UC Santa Cruz – Climate Science
Sue Rhee – Standford University – Botany Consulting

Barbara Goldstein – City of San Jose Cultural Affairs
Danielle Siembieda – Zer01
Joel Slayton – Zer01 and SJSU
Mary Rubin – City of San Jose Cultural Affairs

Many thanks to
Angela McConnell, Kelly Sicat, Julie Thorne, and everyone at the Montalvo Arts Center Residency
The Berkeley Shipyard – Prototyping
SJSU Foundry and the great group of folks there – Yeah Foundry! – Prototyping
Succulent Gardens – Castroville, CA Garden – Consultations
Techshop – Menlo Park & San Jose – Prototyping

Children’s Discovery Museum
The City of San Jose, CA
Don Callejon School, Santa Clara
First Act Silicon Valley
Montalvo Arts Center
San Jose Redevelopment Agency
San Jose State University